Grace’s Birth Story, Part One

May 3, 2017

It was Friday, January 27th, and I was 40 weeks 4 days pregnant. The pain in my pubic bone had stopped happening only when I was pushing myself too hard, and started happening anytime I wasn’t laying down! I was so ready to meet our little girl! I had planned to start working from home at the end of my pregnancy, but…

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Minimalist Mama On A Budget!

January 21, 2017

As I’ve gone through this journey to prepare for how life will change with the impending arrival of my first baby, I’ve really struggled with how much is still (and will continue to be!) unknown. One common thread you hear from most first-time mamas is that every child is different. It just isn’t possible to accurately predict all of the…

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4 Fantastically Free Stock Photo Sources!

August 6, 2016

One of the elements I notice about basically all of my favorite blogs is that they have beautiful photos. As I embark on this blogging journey, I definitely plan on including some beautiful shots of my real life, but I also know that sometimes genius will strike and I won’t want to wait till I have time to stage a pretty…

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Struggles In Exercise: Continued

August 2, 2016

As you know from my previous exercise centered post (this one!), there’s nothing I love so much as a good group workout. One thing you might not know yet, is that I also love to save money. These two facts led me down the road of buying a package bootcamp deal through Groupon. I remember when Groupon first showed up…

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Struggles In Exercise

July 28, 2016

I’m sure many people know where I’m coming from when I say that I have yet to find the perfect way to workout. Probably because sitting on the couch feels infinitely better in the moment, but health! Strength! Happiness! Over the years, I have dabbled in a few different styles of workouts. I tried Crossfit for 6 months in 2013,…

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