Watching: Queer Eye. Sorry (not sorry!), I just can’t stop watching the reboot! I’m borderline obsessed with the Fab Five, as in I had a dream involving two of them last night, hah!

Reading: Nothing currently, but given that Grace has started expressing anger and frustration by hitting/pinching/hair pulling, I can see that I need to find my copy of Janet Lansbury’s No Bad Toddler to make sure I’m addressing this new development appropriately!

Listening: Lots of podcasts! Lately I’ve been starting the day with The Daily and Up First, two less than 15 minute podcasts put out by the New York Times + NPR, respectively. They are quick bites of what’s going on in the world. Enough to educate you about what’s happening, without deep diving into depressing territory.

Making: Brazi Bites – Brazilian cheese bread from the frozen section of Costco. Buy at your own peril!

Feeling: BUSY. I really thought I’d have so much free time after the wedding was finished, but now all of the name change stuff has me running around town. Next up is the DMV to change my driver’s license and title, all without an appointment – EEK. Leaving that for another day this week. No one should go to the DMV on a Monday!

Planning: For Brian’s birthday! He can be so hard to shop for, so I’ve really been paying attention & ordering things as I think of them/see he needs them.

Loving: How clean the house is! I scaled back Grace’s toys (again! I swear they multiply!) and she is just as happy having 5 toys to choose from as she was with 20! The best part is that the house feels like it’s ours again, not just hers. I highly recommend it.

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