Changing Your Name

Before Grace was born, Brian and I discussed last names and after a brief moment of thinking about combining our names, we agreed that Grace would have his last name. Since I felt strongly that I wanted us to have the same last name as a family… that meant that my name would change once we actually got married.

Fun fact about me, having grown up with a 3 syllable first and last name, I assumed when I grew up and got married, I’d happily take my new, shorter last name and never look back. The reality is that after thirty years of the same last name, I’ve grown quite attached to it! So when we applied for our marriage license, I knew that they ask you about any name changes and when it came down to it… I decided to do something that young me would have thought INSANE.

I took Brian’s last name, but kept mine as a second middle name! That’s a thing you can do! My mom did this when she married my dad, and I’m really glad I knew it was an option. It feels like I’m a part of our new family, while still honoring the family that I came from.

Sure, my name is now way longer than it was before, but hopefully that will only be an issue occasionally!

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