When A Wedding Gets Overwhelming…

Disappear! Hah – sorry folks! My month-long hiatus was completely unplanned and entirely wedding related. We are less than two weeks away from the big day, so I have been absolutely consumed with all of the details.

Our guest list unexpectedly shrunk to right around 60. We’re sad that we won’t see as many of our loved ones as we thought we would, but we always talked about having a small wedding! And thankfully, there will be lots of beautiful photos to commemorate the event!

Tomorrow we’ll go down to the administration building to get our wedding license & the day after that I get to taste test our dessert (I am SO EXCITED for our unconventional wedding dessert!). By the end of this week we’ll only have ONE WEEK LEFT?! It’s honestly just crazy to think that we are so close to our wedding day.

I’m extremely happy to report that Grace has been doing much better with sleeping in her crib, and I even tried her out in the pack n play and it still worked! She’s still waking up a minimum of twice a night (generally 3 times is the max), and eating once in the night. I have no clue what our plan is for the wedding night for milk for her, since she refuses it from all sippie cup/cup/bottle options. If she’s hungry enough, she’ll drink it, and if she refuses, she can manage one night without milk. She won’t be happy about it, but ahhh well.

So many last minute details to wrap up, but I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with our wedding coordinator. More on her later, but suffice to say that this would be so stressful without her.

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