Wondering where February has gone! Needless to say, it’s been a busy month. Brian was out of town for ten days so I was focused on things like keeping everyone showered and in clean clothes, hah!

Watching: The People VS OJ. Wow – so. many. feelings. I found myself believing he did it, and then questioning it, and now I just don’t know what I think! The main takeaway is that I think it’s very hard to look back & try to make sense of why things went the way they did, since the context of the times & the nearness of the Rodney King riots must have weighed so heavily in their minds. 

Reading: The Happy Sleeper – another sleep book! Luckily a friend let me borrow her copy. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work for us. Turns out sleep training after they can stand up is a tricky beast!

Listening: Fleetwood Mac station on Pandora. The songs that pop up make me so happy and inspire impromptu dance routines around the house!

Making: Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread from Dorie Greenspan – the cookie goddess!

Feeling: Good about myself as a mother & stay at home parent. Motherhood is such a strange experience. You have so many expectations coming in from yourself, your partner, your parents, COMPLETE STRANGERS (who clearly deserve to get pantsed in public). It’s complicated further when you fall into such traditional gender roles the way we have. Lately, I’ve just been feeling like I’m balancing things better than in the past. Hopefully by admitting it, I’m only attracting more of the same, and not jinxing myself!

Planning: The wedding – always always always planning the wedding. I think I’ve found a day of coordinator which is such a relief.

Loving: The ease of making wings for dinner. I roast them at 450 for 45-60 minutes, toss in sauce then back in for 5-10 minutes. YUM. 

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