Watching: The Crown! I watched the first season last year, and started watching the first episode of this second season when I had a realization. Maybe you’ve noticed that The Crown tends to have quite a few very darkly shot scenes in every episode. Because I tended to watch Netflix while Grace was napping during the day, when our living room is very bright, I was missing a lot of details without realizing it. So after I watched the first episode of the new season, I decided to go back & re-watch the first season and uhhhh, I missed so much more I realized! Last night after Grace fell asleep, I finished season one and restarted season two. I am enjoying it SO much, I think I’ll try to slow roll it, so I don’t finish it all in one week, hah!

Reading: Precious Little Sleep by Alexis Dubief. Yes, still very much struggling with sleep issues. My good friend Robin (of Breathe Fitness!) said that it helped her & her husband turn their daughter’s sleep around. I’m feeling hopeful!

Listening: Podcasts! I should really do a post about my favorites – I have quite a few that I follow religiously!

Making: Well, nothing right now, but I did end up making these incredible lemon raspberry bars from Dorie Greenspan’s website last week! I didn’t have meyer lemons, and well… the curd didn’t cooperate. But then it wouldn’t be baking with me if everything went as planned.

Feeling: Conflicted! Brian and I are working on setting up a prenuptial agreement & THIS IS HARD! Thankfully, we have a great therapist that we’ve already seen for premarital counseling, so we aren’t going it alone. However, even with help, talking about a prenup is fraught with all kinds of expectations and judgements. It’s a lot to wade through and I’m having all of the feelings about it. 

Planning: The wedding! I just approved the invitations with Minted & they should arrive by Friday so we can get those sent off to everyone. Brian’s sister has come over for the last two Saturdays and spent time with Grace so we could have time just the two of us. The first Saturday, we knocked out a ton of wedding decisions & the second Saturday we went to the therapist to talk prenup. 

Loving: Oprah. I mean, what a QUEEN.

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